We are a mobile art gallery.
We organise pop-up exhibitions that feature emerging Hong Kong artists in stores, cafe and many other spaces in the local community.


We want artists to create more and get more appreciation. We provide opportunities to creators by organising exhibition in public spaces to showcase their talents to a larger audience and let local creators give back to the local community with their creativity.


Cultural mobility is at our core which only thrives on our public community. Our exhibitions thus seek to breakthrough from the conventional gallery space, and actively connect the public through cafes, hostels, bars and many public spaces, which constitute our unique communities. Through the exhibitions, we connect people and share creativity with the neighbourhood.

Art Collection

We all love art, but not many have the habit of collecting art. We offer gallery-grade art pieces of excellent quality at affordable price, to enable art lovers to build their own collection, through which empowered local creators.

We believe good thing should be shared. We combine artist creativity with our craft, producing works of art that can be shared to a wider audience.

We believe art can connect people. We strive to connect creators with audience, as art can always inspire others.

We believe talents should be seen.We help emerging artists flourish, whose creativity will make the world more interesting.

We hope you will be a part of this journey.


GAZE team