Flowers Speak

Glary Wu Hoi Yan Solo Exhibtion

Featured Artists: Glary Wu

Space: INFECTMENT (205, Tai Nam Street, Sham Shui Po)

MAR 5 ——— MAR 21, 2021



“I enjoy finding inspirations in non-visual arts, like novels or music, to leave rooms for the imagination...I am also drawn to the details of daily life and my picture plane conveys the moments often neglected by others.”

Glary Wu has expanded her artistic practice from oil painting to illustration and catches the public attention with works that depict human relations. Through the idyllic landscapes and gentle figures that dominated her newly published zine Flowers Speak, her works are a sentimental call that touches our hearts. The mixed-media illustrations often feature layers of painterly washes infused with lines of gouache, graphite and color-pencil in quick sketches, capturing the complexity of the fleeting moments in life, as well as visions inspired by strangers encountered in our community. It is a series of drawings dedicated to special occasions and symbolism related to flowers, a visual motif she has employed repetitively across her oeuvre. Heart-warming scenes such as retirees gathering to take pictures in the flower gardens and children naming grass “Green Flower” are featured.

By setting the show specifically at INFECTMENT, the garden arts store, this exhibition will serve as an introduction to the new publication, as well as an open invitation of an immersive experience of Glary's vividly-coloured universe. The curation of space and music will unfold hundreds of inner worlds of the original characters depicted in her moody drawings, and bring us closer to the “strangers” encountered. Apart from the original drawings of the “Flower Speak” series (2020), other works including “The Utopia” (2019), “Snow Dancing” (2019) and a series about “Gathering”. On top of the works of art, GAZE has launched a perfume of orange blossom and sage herb along with a series of floral products inspired by aromatherapy. The curatorial team hopes to create a healing space and open up dialogues as genuine Glary’s works - bringing a sense of warmth, healing and joy to every weary soul.

Stephanie Ho
Born in Hong Kong in 1995. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Studies and Fine Arts from the University of Hong Kong in 2019.
She was part of the organizing committee of the Refugee Art Movement under HKU General Education Unit in 2016. After interning at the Modern and Contemporary Art Department at an auction house, and the Curatorial Department of the university’s museum and gallery, she has started a career at a commercial gallery, as well as working on personal projects with local young artists, writers and musicians.

Special thanks to:
Esther Lam (Media Content Curation)
Stephanie Lam
Yorkun Ho

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