How's (Quarantine) Life?

Selections from Matthew Kam

Featured Artists: Matthew Kam

A Quiet Moment

Quarantine has been tough for all of us. We can all feel trapped and lonely in some ways. “A Quiet Moment” is an illustration made during the early stages of quarantine, I wanted to capture the claustrophobic loneliness of the experience. At the same time, I wanted to give the character some company, and hope that she could find solace in a quiet moment.

Drive at Night

This was three months into quarantine. My drive test was postponed but had been finally rescheduled. My friends agreed to help me practice for my test, windows down, masks on. This was one of the nights we were driving, we went up a really steep street on a hill, and looked back down to where we came from.


2020 has been a strange year. It can feel like we are being constantly overwhelmed by bad news. In these moments, it’s important to reserve time and space to process thoughts and emotions.

Staying Sane

One of the daily routines I have developed during quarantine is biking to this garden near my school. It’s called Arlington Garden. I’d go there every day and I’d sit, sketch, and breathe.