Kwong Shing
Spending his childhood in Kyoto, Japan, Lau's early works were deeply influenced by the local manga culture. He has published and serialized more than ten short comics on different platforms, such as MDecomics, Ani-Wave. His creative direction showed some drastic changes after participating in French Angoulê International Comics Festival in 2017.

He has widely published his column paintings on publications such as Zihua, Ming Pao, Breakazine, City Magazine, Fountain, and participated in the Monsoon vol.4, Days of ACG, Comic O vol.4.

Lau is also active in producing animated short films with more than ten animated short films screened in cinemas and Times Square Hong Kong.

Lau’s recent projects focus on creating personal comic works, such as Fantaisie ordinaire published in France and Belgium, The Lost Hong Kong published in Taiwan, Cube Escape: Paradox published in the Netherlands and available for global sales, and an ongoing project Unknown Brothers.

Pencil is the usual medium in Lau's creative practices. Its characteristic brushstrokes help emphasize the comic’s atmosphere, and explore the possibilities of the languages of comic.
2020 Angouleme International Comic Festival (France)
Fantaisie Ordinaire (Hong Kong)
Lyon BD Festival (France)
Prelude: The Art of Resistance(Hong Kong)
We Are All 香港人 Exhibition 2020 (USA)
The Art of Defiance - Hong Kong: Revolution of our time (Australia)
私たちは、マジで__が大好きなんだぜ! 展 (Japan)
反抗的畫筆 (Taiwan)
香港の不自由展 (Japan)
紙本石墨:深邃之境 (Hong Kong)
2019 Ani-Com Park (Hong Kong)
Bangkok Through Poster (Thailand)
Cube Escape: Paradox Exhibition (Hong Kong)
2018 Comics Like That (Hong Kong)
2017 Angouleme International Comic Festival (France)
The Pitch of Tension – Hong Kong Comics Power(Hong Kong)
2016 Achieve Comic (Hong Kong)